Investment Diamonds


Bitton Diamonds LLC is an alternative investment firm trading and investing in tangible assets to diversify your portfolio.


Our mission is to work with our clients within their needs to help bring them the highest return on the investment grade diamonds we purchase, and manage for them.


We have a strategy that has been proven successful in similar markets and we will work with our clients and tailor each investment to any needs and taste wanted or required by those investing with us. Our promise is to do this by:


  • Quality Assurance that your investments are being purchased and managed by qualified/vetted professionals from the industry that carry your best interest in mind


  • Transparency in the way we deal with our clientele and how we manage their assets, buying only the best diamonds from the most trusted sources.


  • Low Transaction cost due to our networks and ability to manage your assets effectively and efficiently


  • Liquidity guaranteed with the proper notification your investment can be turned into cash fairly quick!


With these guarantees Bitton Diamond will stick by our clients throughout this whole process, making it a smooth and simple investment into a greater future.


What We Sell


Our company is like no other, offering an investment that is backed by a very tangible and very liquid asset. These assets if managed correctly by the experts on our team will undoubtedly bring us a return much greater then then most stock, bond and other alternative assets out there.


We are offering to purchase investment grade diamonds for you, manage and market them to the right investors/consumers, and do our best to bring you the highest return possible on your investment by selling and re-investing your diamond as many times possible to make you the largest return possible.

Who We Sell To


We are targeting savvy investors that understand there is more out there then the traditional stocks and bonds of our current investments. With the proper assistance through Liberty Diamond Capital these nearly untapped markets have a potential to bring in higher returns then traditional investments.


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Bitton Diamonds LLC is here to help serve all your jewelry needs!


We have years of expert jewelry, diamond and gemstone knowledge to provide for you! Bitton Diamonds strives to treat every customer as our own family and provide the upmost exceptional service to our clients. Regardless if you are trying to create your own ring design or selling your old jewelry, we are here to help every step of the way!‚Äč

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